Arriving at Monterrey International Airport (MTY)

How to reach the conference hotel from the airport
There are two options:


All conference delegates traveling to Mexico must present a passport, and in some cases a visa is also required to be able to enter the country. If you require a visa, delegates are encouraged to apply early (at least two months before departure), ensuring all requested documentation is submitted with their visa application.

Please check with the Mexican embassy in your home country if you are unsure whether a visa is required.

You will be asked during the registration process to indicate if you would like to receive a letter of invitation to assist you in applying for a visa.

Transiting Through the USA

Generally, if you are not a United States citizen you will need a transit visa to connect flights in the USA. Transit visas are non-immigrant visas for persons traveling in immediate and continuous transit through the United States en route to another country. If you wish to layover in the United States for purposes other than for transit, you will have to qualify for the type of visa required for that purpose.

Citizens of US Visa waver countries should apply for an ESTA here:

Citizens of non-US Visa Waver countries please find more information here:

Local Transportation

A shuttle bus will be provided at set times for transportation between the conference hotel and AGM venues. If you wish to travel locally for other purposes, we recommend using the taxi services listed above.

Transportation back to the Airport

A shuttle bus will be provided for those travelling directly from the Presidents Forum to the airport. For those staying overnight a bus will shuttle you back to the conference hotel.

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